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This is our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you miss an answer to your question contact us!

This FAQ is work in progress and will be updated in the next weeks.


  • What do you do with my data when my problem is solved?

    We do not sell data from support requests at any time. We save them in special cases for legal purposes or to improve our support. Normally we delete our mail inbox if everyone is happy. If you mind, just send us an email to info[at]jrtberlin.de containing your email address and a statement like "Please delete all my personal data".

  • How long does it take?

    In short: a few hours to 3 days. Long Answer: Normally we answer as fast as possible and try to solve everything in hours. If your problem is more complex we may need a few days.

  • What is a ticket-link?

    A ticket-link is a link to a private page where you can check your request status and submit files to our server (screenshots,log-files,...). This feature is still in development and is not ready yet.

  • How can i give feedback?

    We are happy and open about feedback and critic. You can open our feedback form HERE.

  • What is your PGP public key?

    You can download our PGP key here: HERE.


  • Is MyRig free?

    Yes, MyRig is free and does not contain Ads.

  • Does JRTberlin sell my data?

    In short: No, not without a clear opt in! Long Answer: We share non personal data with analytic services like Google Analytics. If we want to share (free or in exchange for money) personal data we will ask for your permission.

AndroidTV Shutdown

  • Is AndroidTV Shutdown free?

    Yes, AndroidTV Shutdown is free and has no micro transactions.

  • What is ROOT?

    If you never heard of ROOT you should not use this software. It won't work. To learn what root is and how it works visit this Wikipedia article and give this XDA post a read.

  • Why does the App need ROOT?

    Root is needed to initiate a shutdown command. We do not use ROOT for anything else. If you want to see the code, please feel free to ask.

Berliner Weihnachtsmärkte

  • Is Berliner Weihnachtsmärkte(Christmas Markets Berlin) free?

    Yes, "Berliner Weihnachtsmärkte" is completly free. However there is a donate function built in with a 1€ payment or 3€ payment.

  • Why is Internet access required?

    This App downloads the official Christmas Market Database of Berlin.

  • Why is GPS/Location access required?

    It is not! This App can show a map with your location and the nearest christmas market. However this feature is optional and we request the permission only if you are trying to use the "Map-Feature". We do not log your activities at all.

  • Is this App Ad-free?

    Yes, this App contains no advertisements.